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When it comes to the most detrimental pests in the United States, the house mouse takes the cheese! They are second only to humans as the most common mammal in cities across the nation. Of all rodents, they are the most successful at adapting to live with people. All these factors combined is why it is important to have professionals take care of your house mouse problem.

Mice Guys Inc. has the experience and knowledge to remove these irritating pests from your home. We are able to perform home inspections regarding the infestation of mice. We can perform a total removal and seal system, mouse proofing your home for years to come. Read about our services below. Call us for a free estimate and let’s begin the mice elimination process today!

Home Inspection

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We can inspect your home so you can pass your home inspection. Mice Guys Inc. removes old evidence left by mice, clears up any new issues caused by mice and can inspect for any potential mice issues that may surface from remodeling and construction work.

Don’t get caught with mice and pass your home inspection test. We will make sure to get rid of the problem before you buy or sell a home. You can rely on Mice Guys Inc. to inspect and resolve any issues that have or may arise from mice.

Total Removal and Seal System

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We don’t just get rid of mice, we keep them away for good! Our multi-step process ensures that your home has the best possible defense against invaders, protecting you, your family, your belongings and your home.

The first step is the inspection and quote. We will then start the process of removing the mice by placing bait and traps in strategic locations around your home. Our goal is to eliminate your mouse problem inside the home as quickly as possible.

Next, we have to wait about a week to make sure there are no more mice in your home. Once we are certain there are no more mice, we will create a permanent barrier from future infestation by sealing the outside of your home. This step is where we differ from other pest control companies. Many of our competitors will remove the mice and say the job is done, only to return in 6 months to complete the same job over again. Our seal system ensures that you’ll never have to call us or any other company again.

Lastly, we will disinfect any problem areas wherever possible to eliminate any scents the mice have left behind, to ensure that new mice aren’t lured back into your home.

Mouse Proofing System

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Mouse proofing your home is an important step to ensure that no mice can ever get back in your home. Trust in the experts at Mice Guys Inc. for complete proofing services you can truly count on. During our inspections, we inspect a variety of spots in and around your home to target the mouse hotspots and points of entry from outside.

We inspect the foundation all the way around your home. Any crack, gap or hole needs to be repaired. Next we will check all doors, door frames, window and window frames for problems. We will repair and replace all issues to eliminate any chances of mice reentering your home.

All trees and hedges near the home are inspected. Branches or hedges that touch or hang over the house should be cut back to prevent rodents from using them as pathways to the house. Grass should be kept short and the bottoms of hedges and bushes should be trimmed to expose the soil beneath, eliminating rodent harborage areas.

We inspect your roof, checking shingles, roof ventilators and vent screen for damage and to make sure they are secure. All are replaced or repaired as needed. We also make sure your chimney is capped to prevent animal entry. These areas can make for easy access points for rodents, so all utility points are inspected.

Food and water sources should be removed when possible. Leaking pipes or drains should be found and fixed. Bird feeders should be removed if possible as well to eliminate the bird seed as a possible food source.

Any rodent feces and urine found during the inspection should be cleaned. If you are cleaning it yourself, be sure to wear protective gloves and a respirator to avoid breathing in any fecal matter. Use a bleach solution to clean rodent nesting areas and entry points to rid the area of any pheromones left behind, because these can attract future rodents.

That wraps up the mouse proofing process, so if you have any questions, give us a call.

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